Your storage questions answered

Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions we get asked about personal and business storage.

Self storage is an easy way to gain some extra space. Put simply, it is your own storage unit within a facility where only you have the key to your room.
It would be rare that you didn’t need storage at some time in your life. You may need additional storage when you

  • are freeing up valuable space within the home,
  • de-cluttering the house when preparing it for sale,
  • bridging the gap between one home and another, for example living in a smaller apartment while building a larger house,
  • moving from a large home to a smaller one,
  • going abroad for work, studies or a longer trip while renting the apartment,
  • storing seasonal items such as car tires, clothes and sports equipment, skis or windsurfers and bicycles.
  • Need storage of residues while freeing up an apartment for sale. provides a variety of storage unit sizes available for the public for personal, business and recreational use.

The key to effective storage use is efficient packing in suitable moving boxes and dismantling of all assemblies. Try also to utilize the height of the storage unit –place heavier boxes closer to the floor and fill gaps in boxes with packaging material; this helps to keep the contents stable. Carpets, skies and other long items can be placed standing for good square meter employment.

The space in a van (model VW Transporter) is approximately 6 m3. This corresponds to the space in a 2.5 m² storage unit.

Our storage units are approximately suitable for:

1.5 m²

Suitable for storing sports equipment and other items, 20–30 moving boxes or 660 A4-folders

2.0 m²

35-45 moving boxes

2.5 m²

40–50 moving boxes

3.0 m²

Suitable if you are going abroad for studies or need an additional room for stuff seldom in use. Space for summer and winter clothes, children’s toys or furniture from a small one-bedroom or dorm room. 60–70 moving boxes or 1600 A4-folders.

3.5 m²

75-90 moving boxes or home furnishing of an approx. 25m² apartment

5.5 m²

115-125 moving boxes or home furnishing of an approx. 40m² apartment

6,5 m2

A good unit size if you are home renovating and need to temporarily store your furniture. This size typically fits furniture and things from a small 2 bedroom flat, 120 – 140 moving boxes. Suitable for furniture and other items from an approx. 50-60m² home.

10 m2

Suitable for furniture and other items from a 2 to 3 bedroom flat or a vacation home. Up to 200 moving boxes. Fits larger-sized furniture.

We will try to solve any issues as conveniently as possible and redirect you to an unoccupied unit if you find that the unit you’ve rented is too small or large.

Unit dimensions as well as door widths can be found with the link ”Our units”. Don’t forget to mention any specific requests in the comments-field when booking!

Renting is easy.

  1. Determine the size you need to rent. As of which date do you need the storage facility? Do you need to know the specific size of a unit? Click ”Our units” to find out more. Fill out the booking form with all this info!
  2. We will do our best to find a suitable unit for you based on your booking request. You will receive a rental contract and additional info (driving instructions, unit description, payment instructions). Verify that all data is correct.
  3. We will arrange a meeting to sign the contract. As soon as the current month’s rent and a key depositary (50€) is paid the renter gets access to the facilities. Prepare to show a Finnish ID upon signing the contract. Remember to bring a padlock!

Q: Do I have to pay a full month’s rent for the first month even if my contract starts mid-month?
A: No. The monthly rent is paid on the first day of each month. The rent for the remaining days of the month when the rental agreement is signed has to be paid before you get access to your unit. If there is 10 days left in the month when you start renting and the monthly rent for the units is 60€, then (10/30) x 60€= 20€ has to be paid before the renter gets access to the unit.

Q: How do I pay the key depositary and current month’s rent?
A: An invoice is sent with your booking request. You can use this to pay in advance –with a money back guarantee if for some reason the contract is never signed. If you’d like to pay when we meet to sign the contract, only cash is accepted.

Q: Why do I need to show a Finnish ID upon signing the contract?
A: We want to offer good quality self storage at a competetive price. By demanding our clients to show an ID, we know our customers and can keep our operational costs at a minimum. This will convert to lower prices for our clients.

Q: When is the monthly rent paid?
A: The rent is due on the 1st of each month. An invoice is sent to you with the booking request.

We rent on a month-to-month basis and you don’t need to sign a long-term lease. However, if you plan to rent more than 12 months, don’t miss out on the 30% discount on paid up-front. Mention that you’d like to take advantage of the offer in the comments-field when booking!

You have access to the units 24 hr a day 7 days a week with your own personal key.
Our sites are located in the center of Vaasa and have excellent communications. You are able to temporarily park your car a few meters from the front door. Driving instructions will be sent to you after booking.

Timely notice. The rent is on monthly basis. Terminate the contract no later than the 15th in order to avoid next month’s rent. If the notice is given later than the 15th the rental agreement will continue until the end of next month. Termination is easy, just let us know via email!

Remove your belongings and clean the unit. The unit is expected to be in the same condition as it was when you took it.

Return the key. The key depositary is paid back to the bank account you have adviced as soon as the key is returned. Note that any unexpected service costs from for example a poorly cleaned unit is netted against the depositary.

Store nothing toxic, dead or alive. Also, please store nothing from your kitchen including spices, pet food and bird feed. These attract problems.The storage is suited for dry pieces only. And of course no explosives or easily flammable. Please respect: floor load less than 500 kg / m².

Not by us. Always verify that your property is covered with your insurance company. Inform the insurance company that your personal property is at Tiilitehtaankatu 8-10 or Himalajankatu 9.