Our heated storage units are rented on monthly basis. Rental starts any day of the month. Renter brings his own padlock.

Kasarmin Parkki

The storages are located in the center of Vaasa close to the motorway exit. A car may temporarily be parked close to the entrance. The property is recently refurbished.

Sizes: 1,5 – 5,5 m²

Address: Tiilitehtaankatu 8-10, 65100 VAASA


The storages are located 1 km from the city square by the National highway 8 northbound. The byway exit is close by. A car may be temporarily parked under roof close to the entrance. The property is recently refurbished.

Sizes: 1,3 – 10,0 m²

Address: Himalajankatu 9, 65100 VAASA

The key to effective storage use is efficient packing in suitable moving boxes and dismantling of all assemblies. Try also to utilize the height of the storage unit – place heavier boxes closer to the floor and fill gaps in boxes with packaging material; this helps to keep the contents stable. Carpets, skies and other long items can be placed standing for good square meter employment.

The space in a van (model VW Transporter) is approximately 6 m3. This corresponds to the space in a 2.5 m2 storage unit.

Our storage units are approximately suitable for:

1,5 m²

20-30 moving boxes or 660 A4 folders.

Suitable for storing sports equipment and other items.

2,0 m²

35–45 storage boxes.

2,5 m²

40–50 storage boxes.

3,0 m²

60–70 moving boxes or 1600 A4-folders.

Suitable if you are going abroad for studies ot need an additional room for stuff seldom in use. Space for summer and winter clothes, children’s toys or furniture from a small one-bedroom or dorm room.

3,5 m²

75-90 moving boxes or home furnishing of an approx. 25m² apartment.

5,5 m²

115-125 moving boxes or home furnishing of an approx. 40m² apartment

6,5 m²

120 – 140 moving boxes.

A good unit size if you are home renovating and need to temporarily store your furniture. This size typically fits furniture and things from a small 2 bedroom flat. Suitable for furniture and other items from an approx. 50-60m2 home.

10 m²

Up to 200 moving boxes.

Suitable for furniture and other items from a 2 to 3 bedroom flat or a vacation home. Fits larger-sized furniture.

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4,5 m² Kasarmin Parkki (VAR10B)

Address: Tiilitehtaankatu 8-10 - Kasarmin Parkki
Size: 4.5 m²
Rent: 86.00 €
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